Luke O'Shea

City of origin: Sydney, Australia.

A rambunctious boy, and after playing in a variety of High School bands Luke runs away from the sheltered Sutherland Shire to join the multi-cultural circus of back packers bumming around Byron Bay, the Whitsundays and New Zealand. O’Shea returns only to gain his teaching qualifications that would enable him to scour the planet for the next eight years searching for his elusive ‘it’?

Spending the next few years in the US and Canada Luke spent a lot of time within North American Indian communities delving deep into their ancient spirituality. This kick-started further travels into indigenous communities throughout ASIA, Europe and in far North QLD seeking the similarities between all major and indigenous religions, with particular focus on the ancient symbol, the ‘Medicine Wheel’.

Music at this stage was limited to playing covers on streets and pubs to support and sustain ‘the search’. It wasn’t until Luke spent a year in the musical city of Galway, did he find his own voice. From the years of exploring human spirit O’Shea now found he had a story to tell and the best way of sharing his insights was through the subliminal metaphors of music.

Song writing now consumed the travel bug that drove Luke for so long. Returning home with the same hunger that took him away, Luke forms the ever-evolving band ‘Medicine Wheel’. Recording two EP’s ‘Medicine Wheel’ (self titled) and ‘Almost Dawn’, they win a series of local and state-wide ‘Battle of the Band’ competitions as well as becoming Grand Finalists in the Hard Rock Café ‘Unleashed’ nationwide Band Comp.

Whilst continually touring the East Coast Luke visits the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 1999. Immediately Luke is drawn to the ‘storyteller songwriters’ and the respectful, multi-generational audiences that are there not for the ‘Rock’ ego driven image of the artist but simply for the pure love of the lyric and song.

Returning home Luke independently records ‘No Day Like Today’ an album infused with universal themes and inspiring stories of human spirit. ABC Music Australia immediately sign it along with Universal distribution. In 2002 Luke O’Shea & Medicine Wheel are nominated and become finalists for a Golden Guitar for Best Band/Duo.