Michael Bryers

Growing up on a stable musical diet of country music, Michael's musical direction seemed to mapped out from the start,  but it was his later years and his exposure to singer songwriters such as Paul Kelly, John Prine, Kevin Bennett and Lyle Lovett that he credits as having an enourmous impact on his own style of song.

Michael’s performance and songwriting ability is held in high esteem by audiences, industry and peers alike and has been justifiably rewarded with numerous industry awards.

Apart from the industry accolades, singles from Michael's first two albums "Somewhere in Between" and “Frangipani”  have achieved Top 10 and Top 30 chart  success on Australian radio, as well as filmclips on Country Music Channel on Foxtel/Austar.

Michael’s brand new album “Sideshow” is now finished and is due for release both here in Australia and in the USA, mid 2013.