Terry Clark

Guitar music gets Terry Clark going and Terry Clark will get you going!

No pigeon hole is big enough to encompass Terry’s style, but ‘Modern Cowboy Punk Folk Rock Pop’ is getting somewhere close.

This stuff is Toe Tapping, Sing along Boogie from the Bush!

Terry is an honest to goodness singer songwriter from Central Queensland with a passion to please his live audience. He has a knack for truthful, tongue in cheek storytelling, from birth to death and all experiences that happen in between.
From the small outback country pubs to the inner city clubs and summer festival stages this guy has no fear of telling it like it is!

After 2 decades of writing and performing around the globe, Terry Clark is on the trip of a lifetime.  Get your copy of his first fair dinkum 5 track EP “Oldscool”, and keep your ear to the ground for the imminent release of his first full length album being produced by the Legendary - Texan Cowboy – Doug Bruce.

Country Rockers, Power ballads, perhaps even poppy crossover tunes?
Whatever you make of it, this is compelling music that you’re gonna put on repeat!  

Enjoy Terry Clark