Whisky Road

 ‘WHISKEY ROAD’ is a relatively new band on the circuit but don’t think for one minute that they lack anything in experience. These three musicians have been captivating audiences as soloists for several years, collecting a swag of amateur awards along the way. Finally they’ve decided to combine their talents and the result is nothing short of fantastic.

Amanda Faulkner is ‘Whiskey Road’s’ guitarist, lead vocalist and “boss”. With a voice that’s “made for country” Amanda’s performances are something simply not to be missed. With several ‘Overall Performer’ awards from the country music festival circuit, and a recent 3rd place ‘Overall Senior Female Performer’ at the Queensland Country Music Festivals Champion of Champions under her belt, Amanda’s many awards are testimony to her incomparable vocal ability.

Amber Goldsmith is already an accomplished artist in her own right (her debut album ‘Life’s A Test’ was released in early 2011). A talented bassist, she brings the groove to the band’s music, but her true talent is her vocal ability. As Whiskey Road’s back-up singer, Amber’s harmonies take the songs to a whole new level, creating a musical experience audiences remember long after the show is over.

David Faulkner is a man of many talents and has previously performed in the rock band ‘Harnoxicated’. He can sing, he can play a guitar as good as any muso, and has even expanded his skills to the cello and double bass. But the drums have always been his baby, his calling card. His talent far exceeds that of just ‘keeping the beat’, Dave breathes new life into the old classics and makes it almost impossible not to clap and dance along.

Denis Hillman is the latest addition to Whiskey Road’s talented line-up. With a driving rock guitar and his 3rd part harmonies, Denis brings a whole new dimension to the band’s already exceptional sound. A jazz band drummer at age 12, talented bass player and leader of his own band for many years, as well as a heavy involvement with the Bell Theatre Restaurant in music and sound production; Denis’ passion for music and entertaining is palpably obvious. Musician, Sound/Lighting Tech and Lead Guitarist extraordinaire – Denis Hillman’s is talent.

‘Whiskey Road’ pride themselves on their ability to perform to any audience in any venue, whether it be a quiet acoustic Sunday session at the local, an old time dance at an RSL, a classy wedding, or rocking it up on the back of a truck at a rodeo or BNS. With a set list of covers from classic country to country rock, old rock’n’roll to your favourite pub songs – ‘WHISKEY ROAD’ has all your musical needs covered.

For Bookings contact:
M: 0428 285 818 / 0447889313
E: amanda.faulkner88@hotmail.com
W: www.facebook.com/WhiskeyRoadMusic